About TEG

Formed in 1990, TEG (The Environmental Group) is a 501c3 non-profit environmental organization in Colorado. Located in the foothills of the Front Range, spanning Jefferson, Gilpin and Boulder Counties, TEG works to protect the natural lands and resources of the region from environmental degradation.

We focus on creating discussion and on-the-ground actions for a livable Colorado, and we work with environmentally-minded citizens and groups statewide to preserve this magnificent state.

TEG is a longtime proponent of environmental preservation and conservation in the regions that would be affected by the Moffat Collection System Project.  As such, TEG has established working relationships with public officials and nearby conservation groups, as well as cultivated a respected, leadership-role in the community with regard to environmental issues.

TEG is the core group coordinating action to deal with the proposed expansion of Gross Reservoir and is currently undertaking numerous approaches.  Join the effort and stay informed by becoming a member of TEG or by making a tax-deductible donation (see top menu to donate or become a member).

Our Goals

Our mission is to actively deal with current and future environmental issues that affect our community, and that of the world around us.

To that end, our goals are:

  1. to support and encourage people to unite in an effort to pursue a growing respect for their environment;
  2. to provide services and resources for our community to help educate people on environmental issues / concerns; and
  3. to assist our community in changing attitudes regarding what s healthy for the environment and what is not.

TEG is committed to encouraging and supporting fellow members and their efforts and ideas regarding environmental issues / changes.  Our organization is operated with integrity and fairness to all concerns in and out of our community.