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Understanding the history, future and the process of the Gross Reservoir Expansion Project will help you to make informed decisions about it now. This article discusses some questions about the Project by Denver Water. Numerous sources were reviewed including Denver Water’s website, the US Army Corps of Engineers, recent and historical newspaper articles, and other reliable sources.

Denver Water is applying for a Section 404 approval of the Clean Water Act. This regulates the discharge of dredged or fill material into waters as the Gross Reservoir Expansion Project will do. Section 404 requires a permit before dredged or fill material may be discharged into waters of the United States, unless the activity is exempt from Section 404 regulation (e.g. certain farming and forestry activities).

The document that will direct the Gross Reservoir Expansion Project is called a Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS). The FEIS discloses environmental impacts and identify mitigation measures to reduce impacts. It also proposes alternative solutions to their primary intent. The final-decision makers rely on this document to either approve or disapprove the project.

They also rely on independent input such as from you. If you want a voice in this project, it is imperative that you and other people wanting to oversee this project read and understand the document, at least parts that concerns you. Then, write the appropriate agencies if serious errors or concerns are found.

EIS Contact for Comments and Additional Information:

Rena Brand, Moffat EIS Project Manager
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha District Denver Regulatory Office 9307 South Wadsworth Boulevard Littleton, CO 80128

1. What is the Gross Reservoir Expansion Project?
2. What is Denver Water and why do they have control over Gross Reservoir?
3. What are Denver Water's Current Water Supplies?
4. Why should Gross Reservoir be expanded when the water usage is stable with population increase?
5. Gross Reservoir is in Boulder County. What do they think about the project?
6. Are endangered species at risk?
7. Why was the quarry noise-level test invalid?
8. Will future climate change affect the water supply?
9. Will the Gross Reservoir Expansion Project affect property values?
10. Now what?