In the 50 years since the original construction of Gross Reservoir, more than 10,000 homes have been built in the surrounding area. The impacts on livability of these residences during the estimated 4 years of construction are many and severe:

  • 44-72 daily round trips of semi-trucks hauling sand and supplies (a truck every 6-10 minutes);
  • On-site blasting of rock to extract aggregate needed for concrete;
  • Construction of and operation of an on-site concrete manufacturing facility;
  • The use of hydro-axes and helicopters in the removal and destruction of30,000 trees;
  • Perpetual dust issues exacerbated by a notoriously windy construction area;
  • And total annihilation of the existing shoreline, leaving nearly 400 acres of barren landscape exposed.

The effect of these impacts, along with many others not listed here, will be detrimental to residential life in the area, dropping home values significantly and destroying the rental market during the construction period.