This provide a summary of the top ten issues identified by TEG and documented in their FEIS Comment Letter.


The entire 104-page FEIS Comment Letter can be found here TEG Comments Moffat FEIS

The stated “purpose and need” of the project is invalid.
Expanding Gross Reservoir as the “preferred alternative” does not fulfill the stated “purpose and need
Half of Denver Water’s residential water goes onto lawns while a large percentage of Coloradans live happily without any outdoor water usage
The Environmental Impact Statement fails to address the impacts of what would be the largest construction project in Boulder County history.
The Fraser River is 70 to 80 percent depleted and this project would take the rest
The diversions planned for in the Environmental Impact Statement only account for half the desired water
The Environmental Impact Statement fails to account for significant impacts to hundreds of acres of wetlands on the Western Slope.
The Environmental Impact Statement fails to adequately address climate change impacts.
Denver Water is misrepresenting the costs associated with the project.
Several practicable alternatives to the Moffat Project exist that would have less damaging environmental impacts.