There are numerous ways you can help with the effort to stop Denver Water’s proposed expansion of Gross Dam (Moffat Collection System Project) and to force Denver Water to pursue responsible, sensible alternatives.

The effort is, and has been from the start, a grassroots movement made possible by the volunteer efforts of caring citizens just like yourself.  The best way to keep informed on how YOU can help is to subscribe to the TEG Newsletter using the form at the bottom of this page. We send out newsletters and alerts when there is information that you need to know about this project. If letters are needed we provide details on what to write and to whom they should be sent. If special funds are needed for a big effort we will let you know. And if your physical presence will help, for example at a Boulder County Commissioners meeting, we will make sure you know where and when to show up.

Together, as a community of citizens who care deeply about the Colorado River, Boulder County, Jefferson County, and the natural world, we are changing the course of this ill-conceived project.  Join us by contacting us at the Volunteer page.