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Now, more than ever, we need your participation to prevent the Gross Dam Expansion!

We at TEG realize that most citizens of the canyon and surrounding areas want to act, but may be unsure as to what would have the most impact to stopping the Proposed Gross Dam Expansion project.  After much research and applied expertise, our members have made it possible for you to participate with out having to weed through all the complicated documents and procedures by yourself. Many of you were at the community meeting on March 4th and heard our presentation that is available for review here: 

                                                       TEG Presentation 3.4.2018

TEG is offering you the chance to help us in three specific ways:

  1. Volunteer on a multi-media campaign by offering your ideas, expertise, time and energy. All talents needed for the Citizens for Sustainable Water Management (CSWM) effort!
  2. Make a comment to FERC
  3. Write the Boulder County Commissioners

We have a list of links below, plus a chance to sign up to volunteer to take specific action that we at TEG will walk you through. The official process to express your concerns about this proposal can be lengthy, so we at TEG are here to make this easier on you!

Step by Step Instructions:

 DIY Versions:

Not your first rodeo?  You can find links and resources in the posts below that will guide you through contacting the following agencies and organizations.

Campaign Volunteers:

  • Email TEG at  if you want to be involved in our CSWM multimedia campaign.

Write some letters with a little help:

Use our new Letter Support tool that offers sample content and full instructions and on how to both make FERC comments, and contact Boulder County Commissioners directly:

FERC Comment and Letter Tool

…Or refer back to relevant posts:

FERC Comments needed by April 9th

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Tell Boulder County to Stop the Gross Dam Expansion

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Contact the media yourself with the links below:

Donate to our legal/campaign fund

Share your concerns by writing to one or each:

Daily Camera (Under “Letter to the Editor”)

Boulder Weekly

Denver Post

Stay informed on the latest developments on social media, the press, and more!

Sign up for the Denver Water bulletins and show up to express your concerns whenever possible!

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